My journey to help others & myself

As some of you know, sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. After a rocky semester, I have decided to take this coming semester off school to figure out what I wanted to do next. I am excited to announce that I will be leaving for Beijing, China in just a couple weeks! I will be there through December to volunteer through Children’s Hope International at an orphanage (Alenah’s Home). I will be working with different orphans through my time there. It will be like a full-time job working 8-5 Monday-Friday. Some of my duties will include helping teach English to the children, waking them up, getting them dressed and ready for the day, helping with physical therapy, doing school work with them, reading to them, playing with them, and much more. I do get the weekends off, and I plan on exploring Beijing as well as traveling while I’m there.

During my time in China, I will be traveling as much as I can! I will be exploring the ins and outs of Beijing and around that area. In October I have to leave China before my visa expires to renew it and be able to return. I chose to take a short trip to Tokyo, Japan where one of my old co-workers is going to show me around! Then in November, I will take a trip to NanFeng, China where I was born and I will visit the orphanage I lived in for the first part of my life.

Here is where you can check out updates on my adventures in China, what I’ve been up to, and how this trip is changing my life!


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