The Trip



Leading up to the last few weeks before China, I started to get less excited and more nervous. The night before I questioned myself. “What the heck did I get myself into?” Well I’ve been in China now for almost 24 hours and I’m still kind of second guessing this, but I’ll go into that later.

I woke up at 3:00 am the morning of my flight to get everything into the car and get to the airport for my flight at 6:20 am. I hugged my parents goodbye before going through security, and then I was on my own. I left the Kansas City airport and flew to Detroit in a very small cramped plane. Thankfully is was a short flight. Once the plane took off I started talking to the lady sitting next to me (I never got her name). She was probably in her early 40’s. I found out that she worked for Cerner, and was on her way back home to Vermont. She was very nice, and we ended up talking through the whole flight until we landed in Detroit. Once I got off the plane I had about a two and a half hour lay over until we started boarding the plane to Beijing, China. This plane was huge! I was hoping that this plane would be less cramped, but unfortunately it wasn’t. I was stuck between two people during the flight, and it was a long 13 hour flight, and I didn’t sleep at all.  I did talk to the guy next to me, his name was Rob and he was also in his 40’s. He had actually accepted a job as a principal at an American school in China and he’ll be living here for at least a year. I’m thankful that this flight had small screens on the back of the seats to watch movies on. That definitely helped pass time during the flight.

After a long 13 hours we finally landed! I got through the Beijing airport, got all my luggage, and got through customs without any issues. I was in China!

A couple tips on traveling: First, talk to people around you! I am so glad I ended up talking to the person next to me on both flights. I learned a lot from each of them, and it helped pass the time. Second, don’t expect much unless you’re in first class. The food they give you on the flight is really gross.


One thought on “The Trip

  1. I am so proud of you anna! It’s nerve wracking to be across the world by yourself! But I know you can do it, you took the hardest step already, actually getting on the plane! You’re going to do wonderful things!

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