Random Fun Facts

I thought it would be fun to tell you guys things I’ve learned so far through some random facts about Beijing China, and Alenah’s Home, which is the orphanage I’m staying in.

Beijing China:

  1. It is 13 hours ahead of CST
  2. There are 22 Million people in Beijing, China
  3. There is 7 Million vehicles in Beijing, China
  4. There are a crap ton of bikes
  5. There isn’t lines/markings on the rode like there is in America
  6. Riding in a car in China is scary (I thought I was going to die the first time)
  7. Drivers don’t care, they do what they want when they want
  8. Drivers honk ALOT
  9. People walk in the street and cars get super close to them
  10. Bikes ride in the street and cars also get super close to them
  11. People cross a busy street whenever (even when there is oncoming traffic)
  12. Currency in China is in RMB
  13. 1 RMB is equal to about 15 cents in USD
  14. You cannot drink the water from the faucet
  15. You must drink bottled water
  16. There are a lot of dogs here. Only the rich and the poor own dogs, middle class doesn’t
  17. Free wifi is everywhere
  18. Outside of the orphanage, toliets here are basically holes in the ground
  19. There isn’t toilet paper in public restrooms (you must bring your own)
  20. There are no dryers here. Clothes are all hung to dry outside on a clothes line

Alenha’s Home:

  1. Volunteers come in every day
  2. You must wear booties over your shoes at all times
  3. Every child in Alenah’s home is considered “Special Needs”
  4. There are currently 25 children at Alenah’s Home
  5. Alenah’s Home can take in 30 children at a time
  6. Children come to Alenah’s home from state orphanages that can’t take care of them
  7. They have dorms at the back of the orphanage where workers/volunteers live in
  8. They keep the doors open all day until kids go to bed
  9. The roof is made of glass so most of the lighting comes from sunlight
  10. Their showers are not separate or closed off from the toilet

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