Real Talk


Alright, so lets have some real talk.

Things here aren’t easy here. It’s very hard actually. It took me one week to start feeling home sick which really surprised me. I was expecting to start feeling home sick sooner than I did. I’m going to be completely honest with you guys. It sucks here, and when I say here I don’t mean China. I mean the orphanage. Also keep in mind that I am here in China completely by myself. No friends,  or family member came with me.

I would consider Alenah’s Home to be a poor orphanage. When it rains their are more than 10 leaks inside where we have to put buckets out to catch the rain. One of those leaks is in the room I’m staying in. The food that the kids and the staff eat is all donated. So every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner we have the same exact meal. Rice, and cooked vegetables. Once in awhile there will be some type of cooked meat, but not often. The toilets here aren’t good enough to flush toilet paper (I learned that the hard way). There are only three bathrooms here and only one of those toilets flushes consistently. There are only two showers here, and one is only for the children. The other shower is in the bathroom that smells the worst. I always have to hold my breath when I take a shower or I almost throw up. That shower also has horrible water pressure. You either get a cold shower or sometimes if you’re lucky a really really hot shower. In the room I’m staying in they like to keep food in here for some reason, so my room smells really bad like mold, and the bed I sleep in is a slab of wood with a few blankets on it.

The one thing that really has been hard for me is the language barrier. There is only one person here that speaks English. No one else here does, including the children. If you know me I’m a very outgoing person so I enjoy talking to others. I find myself quiet most of the day. Some days I don’t speak to anyone. This has been very tough for me. I feel alone here and sad. Whenever I get to call my parents or any of my friends I get so happy, but that has been difficult with being 13 hours ahead. So when I’m waking up my friends and family are going to sleep, and when I’m going to sleep my friends and family are waking up. Sometimes I’ll stay up later, or wake up earlier just so I can speak to someone that can understand me.

The sad fact is that Alenah’s home is way better than any state orphanage ‘s here in China. Those orphanage’s have maybe one nanny for every 30 kids, and some kids will sit in their own feces all day. I am very very blessed that I was adopted into a loving American family, and I am very blessed that I get to come home to America.

These are just some of the things that have been hard for me. Not to mention the food poisoning I got after a week here and I know that this experience would be completely different for me if I knew Chinese, or if I was living elsewhere besides the orphanage. I’m hoping things will start to look up.


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