Sheperd’s Field Children’s Village


As some of you know I transferred to another orphanage called Sheperd’s Field Children’s Village located in Tianjin, China about an hour and a half away from Beijing. It is also an orphanage that focuses exclusively on the medical and therapy needs of special needs orphans. It’s been one week here and I am loving it so far! Sheperd’s Field is like a campus or a “mini village.” It is made up of a medical clinic, a therapy center, a school, the Inn of Eight Happinesses for visitors, interns and guests, the office, five houses, and a vocational center.

I help with recreation, where I plan an activity to do with the children who can’t go to school because they’re either too young, or have disabilities that don’t allow them to go. I also help in guest relations, where I greet visitors when they arrive and take them on tours. I share a room with my roommate LuLu. Our room is pretty similar to a dorm room. We even get our own bathroom and a shower to ourselves! There is a kitchen in the Inn that everyone here can use (I’ve already made potato soup, and quiche so far). There are a total of four interns including myself. The youngest intern right now is sixteen, there are two interns that are eighteen, and then there’s me at twenty.

Since Sheperd’s Field was found they have cared for more than 4,000 orphaned children. Provided more than 3,000 surgeries and medical procedures, and helped more than 900 children find forever families of their own.

Even after one week of being here I can already tell that Sheperd’s Field is impacting my life, as well as all the children’s lives that live here. I’m going to be here until the end of November and I cannot wait to see what else Sheperd’s Field Children’s Village has in store for me!


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